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Micro-scholarships, Outreach, and a Women's Initiative

Our Work and Mission

The Astrient Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3)

For more than five years, the Astrient Foundation has strived to reduce social inequality by nurturing students in emerging communities through fellowships, scholarships, mentoring, and donations.

Our micro-scholarships are cash or equivalent vouchers for goods and services designed to help low-income students who demonstrate acumen or potential in the areas of social responsibility and entrepreneurship meet the everyday challenges associated with attending college. Examples of everyday challenges include, but are not limited to, buying supplies for class, transportation to and from campus, and groceries. In addition to having strong moral character and ethical integrity, micro-scholarship recipients should possess an active interest in the application of technology and/or entrepreneurship to mitigate social problems.

The Astrient Foundation Educational Outreach Program (AFEOP) seeks to promote the spirit of volunteering and the involvement of young people in the betterment of their communities. Students volunteer to tutor and mentor children who live in communities in which educational resources are often deficient.

For example, in Ghana, our student volunteers tutor and mentor children at the Department of Social Welfare’s Osu Remand Home for Boys and Girls, the Vocational School for Girls and the Shelter for Abused Children. The volunteers not only teach English, Mathematics, Science and Entrepreneurial skills but are also actively involved in the counseling and family tracing services the facility provides for the children. The Program has also benefited the volunteers themselves as their experience with these children has been an “eye opener” to the challenges that some young people endure in Ghana.

The Women's Initiative strives to inspire and encourage the development of female leaders of tomorrow by connecting them with today's creative, inspiring and highly regarded female leaders. This inter-generational connection is accomplished through monthly forums that address a wide range of issues pertinent to the success of women. Guest panelists share advice, strategies and insight on issues such as character, ethics, balancing professional and personal life issues, starting and/or running a business, time management, investment strategies, financial planning and community services, among other topics. The Women's Initiative, through its Women's Forum, also provides young women with a unique opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussions about such topics from women who have successfully navigated some of the issues of concern to these young women.

How you can help, Getting involved

A little time, money, or both:)

You can help us make a difference by becoming a volunteer, serving as a judge on our scholarship or fellowship selection committee, or by making a tax-deductible donation

Joining Our Selection Committee

As selection committee judge, you will use your professional experience and background to help us select the best candidates for our awards. Using our on-line tools, you will be able to review and rate applications, as well as discuss individual applications with other judges.

Making a Donation

Tax-deductible donations can be made through our website. Your full contribution (100 percent of your donation) will be used to fund Foundation activities and you may also indicate if you would like your donation to be used for a specific program.


Volunteers are the backbone of many non-profit organizations. Please see our career section for a list of open volunteer positions. If you are unable to find a position, feel free to send us an email with your skills and background telling us how you can help.

The People Behind the Promise

A team of geographically dispersed professionals that share a common mission

Rashid Mayes
Chairman, Board of Directors

Rashid Mayes is the founder of Brilliance Mobility (Astrient Labs), a software technologist endeavor that specializes in mobile software development for the Android™ platform.

Karlyn Hunter
Vice-Chair, Board of Directors

An accomplished federal prosecutor, Karlyn has led numerous investigations which resulted in the convictions of child predators, drug traffickers, and perpetrators of economic crimes.

Hemant Sharma
Treasurer, Board of Directors

Hemant works as the Assistant General Counsel at the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), a federally chartered not-for-profit institution.

Nakeisha Sylver
Secretary, Board of Directors

Nakeisha Sylve is the Washington Policy Advocacy Officer for Racial Justice and Human Rights, for the National Council of Churches, and the United Church of Christ.

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